oh snap! a thank-you to photographers who provide safe spaces

I recently finished a shoot with the vivacious and fantastic Isabel. I’m glad that I went through with it, as she was very patient with me while I sorted out some stuff internally.

Being my first shoot in well over a year, this was a special yet nerve-wracking event for me. I was being shown the city, getting to know a new friend as well as having photos taken of me in what I would not consider my most natural or even comfortable state.

10 July, San Francisco

Maybe you would not know it to look at the photos, but I struggled more with being presented in these ways than having my picture taken (having my photo taken is one fear down after several years of practice)! Isabel provided most of the wardrobe and I approved it before putting it on. The point was to further challenge myself to take up space in something other than my usual t-shirt and jeans, to tap into my femme side.


No matter what your goals are while photographing or being photographed, flexibility and being in a somewhat relaxed state is essential. I wanted to thank Isabel for making sure that no matter my endeavours, I always felt safe and in relatively good spirits.

embrace the goddess

I rarely get a chance to spend time in the Rose City (where the thrill of the 90s is alive, I’ve heard), but I’m taking a delightful little trip during the first weekend of November!

Chelsea, an artist I was lucky enough to work with on an Oregon coast shoot in early July, is joining other Northwest artists in an opening reception and 2013 calendar release party with a Goddess visual art theme on the 2nd November downtown. I enthusiastically volunteered to be painted again by Chelsea during the show, so come on by and take in the beauty. Details below!

July ’12, Oceanside Beach, Oregon

Featured Artists: 
Laura Borealisis, Justin Slattum, Liv Rainey-Smith, Nicole Linde, Joanne Licardo, Matt Schlosky, Sam Arneson, Nicholas Frenette, Anna Todaro, plus Danny Rodriguez and Chelsea Rose of Lucid Optic Lab, and more

You will be treated to a night of:
– amazing local art
– live body painting
– hand painted murals
– live music by HeadShapes @ 9pm
– live painting
– live DJ
-poetry slam 
…and more! 

The Divine Feminine has been honored and depicted by every culture around the world since the beginning of human history. Her wisdom and majesty lives on today as she continues to be known and worshiped by many names throughout the world. As is the nature of the Goddess, her strength, wisdom and beauty are a major source of inspiration not only spiritually but artistically.

To celebrate the Goddess influence on our art and lives, we hand assembled limited edition 2013 calendars. Each month of the Goddess calendar features a different Goddess by a different artist. The calendar will be available for purchase at the opening reception of the Portland Goddess art show.

420 SW Washington St

Portland, OR 97204

Fri, 2 Nov @ 7pm

Here is the event listed on Facebook, si vous voulez.