Qui est-ce?


I’m Bran, like the muffin.

I am fond of making people think as well as smile. If you see me and I’m not smiling, it likely means I’m in my own head. It doesn’t necessarily mean I’m having a bad day.

I’m an agender person (they/them pronouns, please), the softest butch, and a former games industry worker turned academic.

I hold a BA in Linguistics from Simon Fraser University, and am an incoming student in the MS Library and Information Science program at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Language and library studies are but a couple of methods I’ve used to observe the connections between peoples. Storytelling is also a strong draw.

Interests lie in cinema (action, comedy, drama), gaming (arcade, board game, console, mobile), music (see what I’m listening to), photography, sci-fi and fantasy (often abbreviated SF/F), travelling, webcomics, &c.

I enjoy being social, but also require precious alone time sometimes to recharge.


I was born and raised in Los Angeles,

but currently reside in the Pacific Northwest.

contact: kungfulasers at gmail dot com



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