social justice warriors

I must say, I am on team ‘social justice warrior is actually very cool-sounding’.

That probably was not the intention, but the creator of this term has likely failed terribly if their intention was to do harm against activists/social justice folk.

I got to humming in the shower a little theme for SJWs, to the tune of Sailor Moon’s theme, which sort of makes sense. I’m afraid that if I see this term being used online in the future, I may not be able to help myself from breaking into song. Sorry not sorry.



image from Social Justice Anime Macros


fighting evil by retweet
building MRA defeat
calling out abuse on the street
they’re social justice warriors

they will never give support to a TERF
’cause every woman has her worth
respect benefits the whole earth
and social justice works for …

no rape culture!
and no sexism!
no phobias!
and no racism!
feminism is for her and him
our social justice warriors

fighting evil by retweet
building MRA defeat
accountability is pretty sweet
for social justice warriors
social justice warriors!