dashed with salt

There’s something to be said for ‘aha!’ moments. They don’t come often, but they come swiftly. You recognize ’em instantly when they arrive.

I’ve had most of my ‘aha!’ moments in school, primarily during math or philosophy classes (or both, if you consider that stray Intro to Logic course). I usually get a creeping sensation up the back of my neck which eventually reaches my head and won’t stop until the final point of impact.


‘Aha!’ I’ve got it.

Why didn’t I see that before?

When I’m not experiencing that from school, I’m getting it from people.

Someone I am getting to know gave me that creeping sensation, especially when she told me we had a person in common. A person in common, with a heavy (albeit brief) kind of history. I browsed a few photos online, and there it was. A thought sparked and scrambled out of one photo, and into my head. It branched as far as it dared.



Aha! It became a memory.

All I can say is that the world can be a very small place at times. Be as kind to the people around you as you can manage; you never know when they’ll show up to teach you something later.

The lessons don’t ever stop. The best ones don’t cost any money at all.